Marketers and Writers Agree

“I landed a part-time magazine writer position from the Writers Wanted job board in April! Woodall's Campground Magazine. I'm loving it!”

— Roberta Roffo, AWAI Member since 2020

“In the last six months we've hired three AWAI ‘grads’. What I love about working with AWAI trained writers is that they get up to speed fast, write clearly, and can deliver even complex copywriting projects. We'll be hiring three more this year.”

— Steve Gordon, Unstoppable CEO

“The copy program at Stansberry Research launched some of the biggest names in direct response copywriting, and created at least a dozen copywriters who’ve earned more than a million dollars in royalties over the last 20 years …”

“And nearly every single one of them went through the AWAI copywriting program at some point in their career.”

— Kelly Brown, Copy Chief, Stansberry Research

“I posted an advertisement for a copywriting position we've had trouble filling. In 48 hours, we had over 25 responses, scheduled 8 phone interviews and hired 1 new copywriter! Thank you AWAI and we will see you at Bootcamp in Florida this Fall.”

— Kjersten Brown, Bayliss Media Group

“It’s great to meet so many trained direct-response copywriters in one place. AWAI makes it easy and painless to try out new copywriters. We ended up hiring two writers, and we’ve been very happy with the results.”

— Travis

“We did hire a couple of writers and they’re doing excellent … you’ll definitely see us again.”

— Louis Hart, Best Life Herbals

The ability to write good copy is a skill and an art, and in order for us as a company to keep growing in tough economic times, it’s even more important than usual that we keep engaging top-notch talent who can really relate to our target market. AWAI is the best place we’ve found to discover that talent.”

— Liz Thompson, Co-Founder, Healthy Wealthy nWise Magazine

We have funded projects to several attendees from the Job Fair and are working with many of them on a long-term basis. I just wanted to let you know we are extremely happy with the talented copywriters we met.

— Debbi Carroll, Biomedical Research Laboratories

“I've had good luck with writers who've taken your Six-Figure Copywriting program.  In the past, we brought on several copywriters and invariably all applicants worth looking at had taken your program.  I took it myself years ago when I got into this business.”

— John Newtson, HBI

“I am very happy with all the responses I am getting.  Previous to finding you, it seemed like finding a good copywriter was like finding a needle in a haystack.  But with all the quality applications I'm getting, I now feel like I have an abundance to choose from.”

— Sue Hatfield First Class MLM Tools

“Thank you for the opportunity to hire some of your members. We just hired our third AWAI-trained copywriter. Two of them we are re-using for more projects.

Keep up the great work.”

— Jim Fleck,